Confluence is a versatile collaboration tool that allows teams to work together and share information efficiently.

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For business and development environments

Improve collaboration, documentation and knowledge management within teams.

Work progresses

Collaborate efficiently with a flexible workspace

Powerful search

Allows users to quickly find information

Efficient Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration in real time

More than 75,000

Teams use Confluence to move forward

Predefined templates

Proporciona plantillas predefinidas para diversos tipos de documentos, agilizando la creación de informes, hojas de ruta, planes de marketing y otros documentos comunes.

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  • Project Management Templates
  • Strategic planning templates

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Advanced search and page tree

Organize and find pages easily with advanced search, tags, and an intuitive page hierarchy. 


Best Practice Templates

Start with a blank page or choose from over 75 customizable templates for every team, from strategy and planning documents to reports.

Jira integration

Connect plans to development work with powerful Jira integrations, including issue tracking and dynamic roadmap updating.

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