Quality Management (QM)

Discover how ICQ24, expert implementer of Five9 Quality Management, provides an intuitive set of tools designed to optimize quality management in your contact center. Boost your QM processes with a comprehensive solution that gives you the control you need.

  • Recording
  • Supervision
  • Assessment
  • Orientation
  • Calibration

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Call recording

Customer Voices and Interactions (IVR)

Monitoring and Assistance

In real time via Five9 Observe


Create dynamic, custom assessment formats

Evaluate interactions

Depending on your business objectives

Contact Center Quality Assurance  

Motivate operators for exceptional experiences, facilitate their growth with detailed performance information and highlight strengths. Engaged agents generate positive results, strengthening customer loyalty and team retention.

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Imagine this:

You are in charge of a contact center in constant motion. Calls come and go, and every interaction is crucial. But how to ensure that each conversation is perfectly recorded and monitored? That's where our solution comes into play.

Frequent questions

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What is QM?

A QM virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence program designed to help in the supervision and improvement of processes, ensuring the evaluation and improvement of the quality of products or services.

Improved efficiency, reduced human errors, the ability to process large volumes of data in a short time, and freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks

How does AI help in improving Quality Control?

Artificial intelligence, through virtual assistants, can provide advanced analysis, machine learning and decision-making capabilities, thus contributing to a significant improvement in quality management and control.

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