Manager One

The comprehensive intelligence solution that offers centralized management, routing, monitoring and call classification for contact center operations. Combine both on-premises and cloud resources to optimally maximize solution performance and resiliency. Welcome to the future of contact center management!

  • Flow, the central core
  • Advanced call classification and management
  • High availability and resilience

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Discover the power of Khomp

Discover how Manager One by Khomp, at ICQ24, offers you a complete and intelligent solution to manage, route and monitor your calls efficiently.

Call management optimization

Prioritize lowest-cost routes, make changes with ease, and view performance indicators in real time

Optimize productivity

Call classification and data management helps identify and disconnect unwanted calls, thus increasing productivity.

High availability

Ensures continuity of service, even in the event of failures. The HA (High Availability) module ensures that all services are always active and available.

Flexibility and scalability

Manager One offers an adaptable solution that can easily scale to your contact center needs.

Intelligence and Centralized Management

Manager One offers a comprehensive solution for centralized management, routing, monitoring and classification of calls in contact centers. This tool provides a complete and centralized view of the operation, allowing for more efficient and effective management.

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Core: Flow 

At the core of Manager One is Flow, a module that makes it easy to configure and route calls between different applications, gateways and SBCs. Flow collects detailed information from all calls made, allowing real-time analysis to make smart decisions and resolve problems efficiently.

Advanced Performance and High Availability

Our  tool offers advanced call classification and data management capabilities through modules such as Analytics and Insight!. In addition, it is designed to be resilient to any type of failure, guaranteeing high availability of services through the use of High Availability (HA) resources, which ensure that all services are always up and running.

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