Intelligent Virtual Agent

Discover the Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) of ICQ24. Delivers a conversational and engaging experience on voice and digital channels. Raise your company's performance to a higher level in satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Improve your user experience
  • Provides technical support
  • Make payments 

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El Impacto del Agente Virtual Avanzado

El agente virtual inteligente de Five9, basado en inteligencia artificial, automatiza interacciones y brinda soporte en tiempo real para mejorar la experiencia del cliente y reducir costos operativos en empresas de cualquier tamaño.


Schedule appointments 24/7 and receive timely reminders.

Card payments

Provide automated PCI-compliant credit card payment processing.

Order Search

Enables customers to check order status 24/7, including VAT.

Password reset

Enables customers to check order status 24/7, including VAT.

Customer experience

Create connected customer journeys and solve their problems the first time. Five9's advanced customer experience platform simplifies business interaction with customers across their preferred channels, delivering an intuitive, personalized and humanized experience quickly and effectively.

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Discover our excellence backed by quality certifications at ICQ24. We guarantee reliable and professional services to meet your needs with certified standards that support our dedication and commitment to you.

Frequent questions

Clarify your doubts about VAT with our Frequently Asked Questions! Find simple and clear answers to the most common tax questions. We are here to guide you and simplify your understanding

Un asistente virtual es un programa informático diseñado para interactuar con los usuarios de manera autónoma, emulando la capacidad de comprensión y respuesta similar a la de un humano.

Los asistentes virtuales se utilizan comúnmente para brindar soporte al cliente, automatizar tareas rutinarias, proporcionar información, realizar transacciones y más.

What is the difference between a virtual assistant and a chatbot?

Although both terms are often used interchangeably, a virtual assistant generally implies a more advanced level of processing power and language understanding compared to a simpler chatbot.

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