Improve your Customer Service Experience with Click2Call!

 Our new Click2Call ICQ24  service allows you to contact your clients quickly and easily, with just one click. Add the Click2Call button to your website and you will get:

  • Customized call window with your brand
  • Clicking will open a pop-up window with your logo and photo.
  • Your user can click “Call Now” to connect directly with you.

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Increasing User Intentionality

Strategically placed on the landing page, ICQ24's Click2Call becomes a powerful tool to increase customers' intention to communicate with the company. 

Its importance lies in the ease and speed with which site visitors can establish contact , thus generating more leads and strengthening the sales department.

Call facilitator

we make it easier for your customers to contact your organization

Aesthetic Button Design

Visual customization to fit the overall design of your branded page.

Data collection

Analyze data to understand your customers and their needs, allowing you to make optimal decisions to improve customer experience (CX).

CX improvement

 Click2Call makes it easier for your customers to contact you, significantly improving your user experience



Customize the call window to make it more attractive and original. Add a photo of the manager answering the phone, include your image and show your name, title and a short caption. This will generate greater confidence in your customers when calling the company, which will increase the chances that they will do so.

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Support Button

You can use Click2Call to offer customer support over the phone, and the widget will help you attract calls. In this example, the text invites users to make a call in case they need help.

  • Easy visualization of the Click2Call button
  • Direct communication
  • Easy implementation

CX improvement

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